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Helan Sun protection -Monoi de Tahiti » Eau De Toilette Monoi de Tahiti


Eau De Toilette Monoi de Tahiti
Eau De Toilette Monoi de Tahiti [77P]


Monoï means "scented oil" in Polynesian and is the result of the successful combination of two typical island products of the islands: Coconut (Cocos nucifera) and the Tiare flower (Gardenia Tahitensis).

The coconut flesh dried in the hot tropical sun is then processed to obtain a precious oil with well-known softening, smoothing and protective properties. Tiare flowers, symbol of Tahiti and typical adornment of local women, are soaked in this oil to enrich it with the warm, intoxicating fragrance of Gardenia.

Monoï de Tahiti is a typical taste of Polynesian culture handed down from ancient times, traditionally used for beauty and perfuming the skin and hair.
Monoï de Tahiti it is the main constituent of a new range of products by Helan to be used in the sun or simply for daily care, formulated to protect and nourish skin and hair.

Price: 29,00EUR 23,20EUR

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