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I Colori di Helan
HELAN’s New Natural Make-up is concrete, down-to-earth dedication to wellness and the research of the most effective, natural, organic active ingredients, where possible, to add all the richness we can get from nature to our make-up for delicate, effective, hypoallergenic products, perfectly suited for b the most sensitive, delicate skin types, those which redden
- and irritate easily
- dry and dehydrated skin
- mixed and oily skin

Assurance Program
Hand in hand with its formulation philosophy, HELAN, as always, has placed ASSURANCE at the heart of its research by carrying out Careful selection of a limited number of raw materials: the most effective, natural and safest, Rigorous formulation to harmonize the synergetic effects of the active ingredients, Scrupulous production to guarantee product purity and stability which offer the highest quality while fully respecting the criteria of:
being hypo-allergenic, as verified by dermatological tests carried out at the most accredited University Clinics without any animal testing whatsoever;

absence of ingredients with animal origin to respect our weaker, 4-legged friends;
absence of petroleum, mineral oils and their derivatives which can create an occlusive film;
absence of lanolin and its derivatives which can be highly irritating to the skin;
absence of preservatives* in almost the entirety of products, always paraben free. In some very rare cases Potassium Sorbate or other preservatives may be used as allowed by all Organic Certification Protocols.

All products are Nickel, Chrome, Cobalt…tested so as to reduce the risk of heavy metal allergies (as according to European Law n. 94/27/CE – amounts inferior to 1ppm °)
* ex L.713/86 - ° less than 0,0001%
Helan's new Natural Make-up is developed, as usual, in three areas:

Make-up line: Eye treatment
Make-up line: Lip treatment
Make-up line: Face treatment

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