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A real culture of male hygiene has slowly come up over recent years.

But what special features must beauty treatments dedicated to men have?
Beyond an immediate effect, these products must be nongreasy and leave no traces of stickiness on the skin (something men hate) and also be particularly soothing (putting up with razor burn is no longer among virility tests for “real men”), and overall easy to use.

Despite the fact that men’s skin is tougher than women’s, shaving, smoke, sun and smog put it to the test. Hence, even male skin requires daily care for at least two main reasons:
increased sebum production that normally renders the skin more oily and subject to black heads.
more rapid water loss which causes rough, dry skin.
Furthermore, the stress of shaving, worsens any irritation that might already be present.

In order to protect male skin, a few essentials are:
1. Anti-stress shaving with soaps and shaving creams that help the action of razor;
2. Creams and serums for the face that smoothen wrinkles;
3. …and a personal, scented touch that is unique to the man wearing it, defining his presence with just a whiff.

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