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Elisir antitempo - body care
Beauty is harmony
Helan Research and Development Laboratories have created a complete line that specifically focuses on the treatment needs of the most critical areas of the body, to MOISTURIZE, NOURISH, FIRM UP AND...TONE UP
Our body treatment system has been specially set up like this to obtain noticeable results.
Essential for the body:
A complete line to satisfy need of treatment on the most critical areas of the body.
Specific for the body:
Enriched with the best doses active ingredients, our body products have been created to offer noticeable results.
Essential for the body
Specific program: Breast, Neck and Shoulder Program
Specific program: To tone down stretch marks
Specific program: To tone up
Argan and Inca Inchi oils
Sweet almond oil
Passion flower oil
Karitè wax
Pomegranate - Green Tea - Red vine
Soya Isoflavones
Avocado oil
Avocado butter
Vitamins A and E

Essential FOR THE BODY
A complete line to satisfy any specific need of treatment on the most critical areas of the body.
The skin is constantly regenerating itself, with new skin cells being produced from the deep layers.These new and vital cells move towards the surface and gradually lose water and vitality.
With aging, this cycle slows down and dead skin cell stay on the outer layer longer, making the skin rougher and duller.
Regular, continuous removal of dead skin cells gives the body more intense luminosity, allowing the skin to be in the best condition to absorb the active ingredients of the most effective beauty treatments. As with diet and physical exercise, gentle, regular actions repeated on a daily basis are much more effective than intense activity carried out only occasionally

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