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WOMAN FACE & EYE COSMETICS Helan » Face Skincare » Sensitive and persistent redness skin

For super sensitive skins, easily reddened
Couperose is characterized by persistent redness of the skin due to dilated blood vessels and slow blood circulation.
Couperose skin is particularly delicate and sensitive to many external elements such as:
Cold weather and wind
Sudden changes in temperature
Exposure to ultravio let rays
As well as: smoke, smog, pollution etc…
Due to these external factors, blood vessels lose their natural elasticity and remain in a state of dilatation, hence tending towards redness and losing their function of feeding the cells and keeping toxins away.

It is important not to neglect the appearance of the first signs of sudden redness because it can lead to the development of small, persistent yet clear reddened veins (rosacea), sources of irritating blemishes and skin inflammations.

Even in this case the most effective preventive action is a healthy lifestyle: a well balanced diet, rich in greens, fish and cereals. Spicy food, alcohol, coffee and all those substances which, in general, have irritating effects on the body and skin or highly encourage blood vessel dilation to occur should be avoided. This is the best way to fight and prevent the development of Couperose.

As far as diet and physical exercise are concerned, gentle, regular actions repeated with continuity an much more effective than intense activity carried out occasionally.
Helan has divided its own facial treatment system into two steps to obtain the best results with gentle products created to reduce the risk of allergy to a minimum.
Step A: gentle cleansing programme
Step B: treatment programme
Billberry and Ginkgo Biloba
Asian Centella
Echinacea angustifolia
Garçinia mangostana
Horse Chestnut
Butcher's broom
Vitamins C and E
Olii di Argan e Avocado burro e cera di Karitè
Wax of Barley seeds
UV Filters

Couperose - step A: gentle cleansing programme
Couperose skin is delicate and sensitive, thus requiring pro-
tection and special care.
Particular attention has been dedicated to promoting an action that encourages the skin’s defence system, which can be under threat. Hence, a product with an extremely gentle cleansing action should be used, completely avoiding the use of strong soaps or scrubs which could weaken the skin.


Smoothing Michellar Water
Smoothing Michellar Water
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Base Day Cream
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Soothing Night Cream
Soothing Night Cream
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Complexion Duo Pencil
Complexion Duo Pencil
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